Feb 23, 2009

4 Pretty Adorable Projects

I fell in love with these simple drawer sachets made from 2 pieces of heart shaped fabric cut into a heart and sewn on all sides just leaving room to fill on top with lavendar. Sew close and use iron on transfer paper to put a message on the top. I want to make some that say "you smell" I thought that would be a bit unexpected when I open my drawer in the morning. I am a little sick*)

It is too late for candle projects right now but tomorrow morn I am going to be looking for old empty tins to make a home made basil ginger candle. I smelled this in a store a while back and it was the most delightful combination of scents for a kitchen. Not to mention these wonderful tins don't end up in your garbage.

A simple way to jazz up plain white plates with any saying you want. Maybe over the breakfast nook table that talks of food and family or even over your bed saying sweet dreams. Love repurposing items thatend up this great!

I saw this in CottageLiving Magazine and it's made by getting thin satin ribbon and threading it through one large button and then sewing smaller ones in random areas and wrapping around your curtain then securing the end with another large button and afix to the wall,allowing some ribbon to hang. The result...sew pretty!
Sorry it's late & I'm getting corny.
Hope this post finds you and findsyou well.make something pretty or comment me about some cute ideas you have...I would love to hear from you;))
xoxo, Sage Mommy


Rosemary said...

Great ideas

sage mommy said...

Thanks Rosemary. I'm trying the tin candle one this weekend...justtrying to gatherold candles together and melt them down.