Jan 29, 2009

Wire Frame Project & Inspirations

I just love this project, so rustic & elegant and really easy, promise.
Materials needed for this project; 16 gauge permanent colored wire, A bead with loop, round nose pliers, wire cutters oh yeah and PATIENCE.
This entire frame is ONE continuous piece so it is important to try to make the wire flow so it looks elegant. The key is you are starting in the middle and working out to either side. Below is the picture you need to focus on for the design or get crazy and go freehand.. you're crafty too right?

HINT*looking at the above pic SIDEWAYS will help you understand my directions;)
1. To hold a 5x7 photo you want to cut about a 34 inch piece,you can always cut the end later but you can't add on.

2. Lay cut wire straight and grab the middle and make 2 loops, they do not need to be perfectly straight. they should be more then 4 or 5 inches from each other as they will hold one side of your photo.
3. Bottom Loop-slide bead on now and let it hang out while you use the pliers to then gently twist wire around itself again and slide bead on bottom loop. Bring wire back up so the bead is inside bottom loop.
4. Top Loop-Move to top end of wire & repeat #3
Almost done...
5. Making Right Sqiggley -Grab the very end of the wire and bend it around itself going up and around trying to stay flat, keep in mind that a picture needs to slide in between these loops. Roll pliers in and around and cut when you are sure it's right.
6. Making Bottom Right Sqiggley-Repeat #5 and cut.
spray paint, maybe a creamy white, copper or pink and it will last 4-eva!
Some Cute WIRE Inspirations

This adorable card tree is available on Pottery Barns website for 39.00 and is just perfect to display your Valentine's this year! Where's mine?

This letter is from EtsyWeddings and is just great. It sells for 42.00 but can be made for about 5.00. This looks like 20 gauge wire that is sprayed black after it is finished. Start with outline/frame and work around that.

This was sent from a fellow blogga. She found $1.00 tea light holders at a local discount store and wrapped 16 gauge wire around rim and then made a loop. She hung them using metal shower curtain rings. Outside for a little ambiance would work too!

Super cute way to display your letters or even your bills, if you have to look at them why not make it cute.


Age said...

i love the candle holder one!!
that would look great on my patio

Micha said...

FYI: the wire picture holder from pottery barn looks EXACTLY like one i bought at pier 1 imports for 12.00

i love how you added the dangly bead to the wire frame

Anonymous said...

This post is from a year ago but it was my other blog. I can't believe you found that for 12.00.Pier One is great for bargains sometimes. Thanks Micha!