Jan 26, 2009

Pimped Out Topless Cupcakes

I despise box mixes but I found this idea for cut-out muffin-tops so I decided to try it cupcakes. Box mix tends to have a spongier texture so I thought it might work out.
I used Pillsbury white cake mix, prepared as usual but I substituted of 1/4 cup of the water required with 2 heaping tablespoons of organic lemon yogurt and 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of lemon zest. Smelled so good.
Fill each cupcake to the brim because you will need them to be coming over so that you can cut them off later.
Wait till slightly cooled and gently cut each top off and lay flat. I used a heart cookie cutter but whatever you have handy and press in middle and carefully pick out middle piece and put aside. Sift confectionery sugar over the top of your cut-outs.

ICING the ladies: I used a cream cheese icing and added 3 drops of organic red food coloring & a tablespoon of raspberry jam to get a pretty pink color. Ice the tops of all your topless cupcakes and then place the tops back on! You can use the leftover hearts to decorate some or just eat them;)

These cupcakes really taste homemade! Nice lemony flavor & super cute for Valentine's Day.


Michelle said...

Wow, these are soooo cute. I will definitley be trying them out :O)

Just seen your comment on martha's blog and followed you to here.

Loving your blog too :o)

pop round to mine anytime michellemadethis.blogspot.com

I used to live in New York and really miss Michaels and the craft stores :o(


Kelly said...

I followed you here too from martha's blog. I love these cute cupcakes. I am going to make them for my son's birthday using a different cookie cutter. Thanks for the great idea!

Trillian said...

LOVE your blogspot! So many great ideas and projects. Thanks so much for sharing. I am so going to make those cute cupcakes for Valentine's Day.

BTW, I followed you here from Martha's project page as well.

sage mommy said...

Thanks Trillian.

Amanda Kughn said...

I found you on Martha Stewart craft of the day. I was looking for the wire candle holders for the wall that you said that you made. I have been trying to figure out how to make my own, where can I find it.