Dec 4, 2008

Vintage Inspired Pin Cushions


For the cupcake inspired ones you will need 3-4 pairs of CLEAN wool socks & 2-3 elastic bands & white squiggle trim.

First take 2 pairs of socks and roll them together, secure outside with elastic band. Make sure to dome them as they will be the middle of your cupcake. Now using a piece of cardboard wrap a sock securely around it and secure this layer to the other with elastic & glue. Hide the band with squiggle trim and you are done!

For the fabric pin cushions you will need:

1. Styrophone ball or dense cotton backing
2. vintage fabric
3. thick thread or ribbon in contrasting color
4. wool felt for top piece

Cut fabric in circle leaving a little room for top, you will cut this later;wrap fabric around ball and cut; glue down remaining (no need to be to careful because the whole thing will be concealed with the felt.) At this piont you can just add felt star to the top or you can add some ribbon or thread up the sides also. glue down top and walla...the cutest pin cushion ever!


Ally said...

These are so adorable, are those childrens socks? Or do they have to be adults? Do they have to be wool? If so, where can I find them for a reasonable price?

sage mommy said...

I used both but I have to say that adult socks are better because they are bigger and a little easier to work with. I used wool because i love the fuzzie-ness but you can find synthetic material that looks the same. Walmart always has socks for cheap and your goodwill might have some too. Thanks;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I tried making this, but where does the outside of the bottom sock go? Mine turned out kind of lumpy and really dumb looking. And where does said piece of cardboard come in? What did you use to get the "cherry" on top? Thanks

sage mommy said...

You have to glue down and cut the bottom if your socks are too large.I used the cardboard to wrap the sock around in the outside so it looked neat and clean. The cheery is a pom pom from walmart sewing section. Good luck. These make great gifts for people once they are perfected;)

Anonymous said...

It's really unfortunate that you have used Betz White's own photo of the "Vintage Inspired Pin Cushions" from her blog,, and made it seem as if this was your own creation. The photo has her copyright date of 2006 in the lower left corner. If you "find" something on the internet, the least you can do when posting it yourself is to give credit to the person who inspired you to post it. Betz White is the artist who creates this work.

Sage Mommy said...

Wow, my post clearly says that i FOUND this picture. I actually got the idea from someone elses craft website that is no longer on-line and the picture was also there but thanks for locating the original creator. These cushions have been popular since the 60's and I have just fallin in love with making them.I put that persons name you mentioned in the search...thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Love the cup cakes but you obnly show the 'neat' sides. What about the other side where the rolled up socks come to an end? How do you tidy up that part? Do you stitch a seam in place? You make it sound easier than it is and no doubt you find it simple being a craftswoman, but I think slightly more detailed instructions would be much appreciated. What about the base for example? You say 2 pairs of socks but as they are of different colours I presume you layer them before rolling up?