Mar 23, 2012

Donut cake for new recruit

I could not be happier with how playful and fun this cake turned out. The client knew what she wanted and I could just incision it when we were talking on the phone.

I used a 12x12 round and doubled the recipe I used. I then cooled, filled and frosted the cake and then cut out middle using a biscuit cutter. I dirty iced the entire cake using decorators icing that I love working with.

For the coffee mug...I molded 1/8 inch thick fondant around a glass and then cut a bottom and secured it. I filled with paper towels for support and let dry for a few hours before laying it on its side.

The spilled coffee is chocolate fondant and the badge was free cut and sprayed with edible spray paint and hand painted.

She loved it and I hope officer Lund enjoyed his cake tonight!

Peace, love & cake people,

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