Mar 2, 2011

{Stencil a Focal Wall} yourself!

Nothing is prettier or more eye catching then a small project that is this gratifying. I painted a bedroom in black chalkboard recently and although I adore the drama and function of it, when I saw this I thought..."now THIS is the NEXT thing that must happen on that wall." 

Below are the materials and simple 123 directions to get this project rolling.

Materials Needed:
  • stencil 
  • stencil brush
  • painter's tape
  • pencil
  • wall color paint
  • accent color paint
  • paper towels
  • level


Choose wall to stencil and select stencil design, wall color and accent color to paint stencil design. Paint wall if it is not already the chosen wall color. Start at the top left hand corner and make your way across the wall making sure first that your stencil will fully fit the design across the wall. Use a dry brush method by dipping into the paint and then blotting any excess on a paper towel. Tape the stencil on using painters tape and move across the wall being careful not to smudge:) 
Sit back and admire your fabulous handy work and pat yourself on the back for being so damn crafty!

Loves ya,
sage mommy

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Dorota Agata said...

wow great idea for decorating :))