Feb 25, 2011

{Somewhat Topsy Turvy Baptism Cake}

I made this cake a while back for a very cool customer that I happen to meet on a blog. I never really was 100% with the outcome but since I have posted the cake everyone loves it. I am even in the process of re_creating it in sage and ivory with a Noah's Ark theme for a twin's baptism. The entire cake is decorated in fondant and the only thing I did ahead of time is the bows so that they could dry. I sat them on a shelf so that they would get a crease and sit on the edges of each tier. I have to say everything else was not planned;)...

The best thing to do when working with Topsy Turvy for the first time is to freeze your cakes so that they are dense to work with and less crumbs when sculpting. Take your time and do it in stages and the whole thing will be fun and not such a headache.

I always make the bottom layer straight because it is more stable and I just think it looks more balanced in the end. I really ended up loving this cake a lot more after seeing it. It was fun looking and made a real statement.

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