Jan 12, 2011

{RePurposed Suitcases, please stay seated}

I adore finding a creative soul that is as talented and gifted as Katie Thompson the eco chic chick that operates and designs for RECREATE.

When my sister  spotted a picture of a baby blue suitcase chair on tumbler.com and showed it to me, I did my research and found the creator. It seems like a project almost possible to try myself and I will keep my eyes open for the perfect suitcase, fabric and leg combination.
What a wonderful invention and it looks so fabulous, I want one in the corner of my bedroom with a little table on the side for my son to climb up on and relax.

A manikin covered in fabric and made into a lamp is just another great example of how a piece can be transformed, I need to get to this store!

I still feel excited when I see a piece that is truly perfect to me;)

1 comment:

Mamabear said...

LOVE the suitcase chair....how would you even go about building that though?