Mar 25, 2010

{ Up Against The Wall }

Exposed brick walls. 
How do I love these...? Let me count the ways: 
  • A good brick wall conjures up a sense of history in a home. The more aged the brick looks, the better.
  • A brick wall needs no adornment. It stands alone, naked, and still looks great.
  • Brick or stone warms up the space naturally with the soothing colors of nature, so even an all white palette seems cozy.

  • A brick feature wall makes a statement. Everything looks better against it, and it is the perfect back drop for a great chandelier or lighting fixture, a stand out piece of furniture or great flooring.
  • A brick wall naturally looks better uncluttered. It is the pattern, texture & color all in one element.  It can hold court with other great elements but be mindful not to overstimulate the space.
Tip: A friend of mine told me about stone panels.  If you are looking to add character and some w.o.w factor to a space but your daddy is not a mason then I would invest in some faux stone or brick panels. That is right...(PANELS) available in many colors and patterns. The panels are real stone or brick (but about 2 inches thick)and are applied to the wall with caulking adhesive in a interlocking pattern like wood flooring. Panels come in 5 x 3 foot panels for around 95.00 each. I know you are thinking this could be pretty costly when doing a whole wall but I would pick an outside wall with a window to save a little space and take care to choose a finish that matches your homes style. I hope this post helps you make your home somewhere you love!

Comment me below and let me know your thoughts on this. I would love the feedback.

l.o.v.e..........Sage Mommy


Erica said...

A friend of mine put brick around this weird structure in her living her. A corner of her room was dedicated to the stove pipe going up from the basement so it was this strange jutting-out and very plainly drywalled corner. She used this brick treatment which were half pieces of brick and real mortar. It ended up looking really great and everyone thought that it was an original, exposed chimney. Took her about a day to complete.

Sage Mommy said...

Erica I love that idea. I saw the pieces at Lowes and they are great. The Chicago brick with all the different colors are so fabulous! That is a great idea to add interest to a plain wall.