Jan 10, 2010

{ Organizing with Glass Etching }

Aren't these the best? Ikea has a great selection of inexpensive glass jars with lids that are perfect for a little facelift. I had a bunch and alphabet stickers from my son. I bought glass etching powder about 2 years ago but it's still good (can't believe it). I decided to etch some letters in wine glasses to make looking for your glass of vino a thing of the past in my house.

Martha inspired this look and to me it's the easiest design to do etching. You can get creative by changing the wording up like instead of "coffee" try writing "wake up" or spell "flour" like "Flower" to get a little creative. Also a cute valentines gift idea on some spice jars or glass coffee mugs.


Clean glass throughly and place your stickers on smoothly with no wrinkles. You don't want any etching liquid getting underneath. Tape a square out with the painters tape making sure to have no wrinkles or seams exposed. paint the etching liquid on with the brush taking care to stay in the lines and get a nice thick layer on. My jar said 15 minutes but that wasn't enough time to look like the picture so leave it on for atleast 30 minutes, then wipe off and see if it's the desired cloudyness. If so remove stickers and tape and clean with soap and water. These are dishwasher safe so don't be afraid. I love my coffee jar!


Yolanda said...

looooooove it, where did u get the powder from? micheals?

Yolanda said...

looooooove it, where did u get the powder from? micheals?

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Sarah S. Dobbs said...

What a great idea! I want to try this out in my kitchen. We just filled a bunch of new glass canisters with rice, flour etc. Thanks for the idea



Molly @ Star Cottage said...

What a fabulous idea! I have glass jars on my counter that could use a makeover ;)