Dec 6, 2009

Tree Trimming Party & DIY { Paper Ornaments }

My girlfriend Tara hosted a delicious little tree trimming party filled with ornament making & wine drinking. We all ate like it was Thanksgiving part 2 and then we baked ornaments and painted them. So much fun and it's what I needed to get into this holiday season. Her tree needed time to "fall" before decorating so the "trim" part would have to wait. Which leads me to thinking about our tree (We're cutting it tomorrow) excited I even have our outfits layed out.

So, while browsing through PB's Christmas mag, I saw an awesome tree adorned with paper stencils. Made me think, I may have the means for my 2009 tree theme right here? Found these pretty examples and a great how-to for a 3D paper christmas tree.

1. Stack two pieces of construction paper, card stock or decorative paper and stitch together down the center. Three pieces can also be used but two is really just as satisfactory and easier to work with. The paper can be all the same color or different. Leave a length of thread at both the top and bottom of the

2. Fold paper down the line of stitching and cut out half of a shape--a tree, an ornament, a gingerbread man, etc. You will cut through the stitching along the bottom of the shape but leave the excess thread at the top to be used for hanging. The excess thread at the bottom of the page can be used for the hanging cord when you use the bottom half of the page for the second ornament!

3. Open up the four cutouts and fold so they are separated one from another and you have a dimensional ornament. Decorate further if desired using stickers, glitter paint, dimensional paint, etc.

Enjoy your ornament adventures!!, Sage Mommy

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Jo Archer said...

These are lovely! Thanks for the inspiration.