Dec 15, 2009

{ Ornament Cupcakes }

Spotted these in my new "Hello Cupcake" idea cookbook and thought how wonderful wrapped up as gifts or as one of the desserts on Christmas evening.

She gives a great breakdown of how to make eveything right down to fruit roll up stripes and red hot dots. She doesn't cover the cupcakes with fondant either which i kinda love because that can be a bit heavy. Instead she heats store bought frosting in the microwave for a minute or so and then dips the tops in for a nice thick glaze.

The holders are gum drops placed upside down while the glaze is still wet and black licorice strings for hooks. (The green candies are "runts" or you can use christmas M&M's that are everywhere right now. Just dab a dot of icing on each (NEATLY)to help stick.

She also suggests different color cupcake liners to create interests. These are perfection right??


Janet said...

These are so cute. I love the microwave icing idea.

barefootinthesand said...

OMG that is weird I made these for my son last year on his first birthday!