Nov 24, 2009

{ Creating A Jar Of Blessings }

A great blog littlebirdiesecrets posted about this project and I thought it was a cute idea without being too corny which my family can't handle. By taking a pretty jar and using rub-ons to adorn the front with a saying like..."T is for Thanks" or "Be Thankful", a plain jar and strips of paper become a lifelong memory and reminder of what's important to each person.

On Thanksgiving Day, while chatting and waiting for turkey is the best time to do this. Get a large jar or even a apothecary jar. I prefer to get a glass jar so you can see the slips of paper. Before hand prepare your paper slips. Give everybody a couple slips of paper to write on. Instruct them to write down one item on the paper that they are thankful for. Once everybody has wrote their blessings down, put them in your jar or can.

Once your ready to trim your tree, you can use the strips of thanks as garland by bending them into rings and stapling together. I just fell in love with the idea and even though WE are NOT that Type of family...I'm forcing them anyway;))

Art Supplies Needed:Glass apothecary jar, Rub-ons, Popsicle stick, Double-sided patterned papers cut into 1/2" by 6" strips, Piece of patterned paper cut to fit part of the inside of the jar, Length of ribbon to tie around jar, Clear tape or Glue Dots, stapler, Pen or marker

***Be sure your glass jar is clean and free from dust and then adhere your rub-on. Cut the portion you want from the rub-on from sheet and remove paper backing. Place where you want it on the glass and lightly press it down with your fingers. Use Popsicle stick to rub all over the image until it is completely transferred.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and make it special!

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