Oct 17, 2009

{ DIY-Freshin Up Your Plain Curtains }

I spotted a ton of ric rack in a million colors today while browsing around to finish up my ribbon wreath in the previous post. I have never used it because I was afraid to take on such a tedious sewing project but with this you just draw a line and use spray adhesive. The advantages are you freshin up the inexpensive look of white panels and add a creative touch that can pull together the look of your room. It also can widen the appearance of any window by adding horizontal stripes. To keep the line level, first draw lightly across the width of the curtain with a pencil and ruler. Use adhesive to attach the trim along the line. Done.

I also found a great pic with plain janepanels addorned with ribbon in a zig zag pattern but I think it would look so kitchy with ric rac!!
You can get 25 yards for 3.99 in a multitude of wonderful colors by clicking here...bbcrafts.com


Hopeful Helpmate said...

What an awesome & inexpensive idea! My sofa is a very odd green color & I have been wanting to introduce some accent colors into the living room. I've been searching for a rug to bring all of the colors together with no luck, maybe rickrack is my answer! Thank you!

~ RM said...

What a great idea! I have some plain jane panels that I've been thinking about adding something special to. They just 'blend in' too much! This idea is creative and looks so easy! Thanks!

Sage Mommy said...

isn't it the cutest girls? I ordered some rac from bbcrafts and I hope it's thick enough...we shall see buti'm sooo excited.

Katherine said...

i love that second picture! i may have to give it a try!