Jul 19, 2009

FLEA For All

Baby rumps & I got a nice early start this morning so we could experience the Elephant Trunk Flea Market that I have been drooling about for months. Will had planned to go on a memorial motorcycle ride for our friend that passed, so me and the little guy thought it would be a perfect day to go check it out. After a pretty long ride to Milford,ct, we arrived and my mouth dropped! Hundreds of dealers, 2 dollar admission & being greeted with one of the best iced coffees & homemade donuts as I walked in.

It didn't take long to spot something I thought Will would love, a 50's toy gas can all metal & the best chippy paint also the name of the gas company on the front was hysterical. Rumps haggled the dealer down from $45 to $25...he's a killer.

I have been wanting one of these french wine holders forever, but too pricey at $200. Aren't they gorgeous? I think this could be a future DIY project, wink;) The brightly painted wooden barrel is from a fishing boat in Nova Scotia to store the nets as they come out of the water. It has drainage holes in the bottom and would be the coolest planter.

My son jumped right into this 1940 pedal car with all original paint, this dealer had some fantastically unique items. Do you see the metal captain America shield, he knew the history on everything he had. One of my favorite things {besides taking stuff home} is hearing the story.

Someone had a bit of a meltdown after this shot because mommy needed to move on to the next booth because I spotted my dream chairs...

"TOLIX CHAIRS" I yelled as I scooped rumps out of truck & ran over. A perfect set of 4 with great olive paint and the price...oh I'm sworn to secrecy due to I should not have spent what I spent today but can you really put a price on dreams? Man, where do I get this stuff.

What a totally calming and satisfying day. Will came home from his ride exhausted but loved the chairs & his gas tank. We spent the rest of the day working on another backyard project I'll be posting about soon.

Take care!


Amy said...

Aren't flea markets fun! Love the pic of your little guy in the car.

Sage Mommy said...

They are the best!I can't wait to go back with the boyfriend. Isn't rumps the best. That car was 350 so he was pissed when he had to getout of it;(

limpingalong said...

Do you know what they wanted for the CocaCola sign? I have one just like it!