Jul 26, 2009

{DIY} Burlap Framed Door

So in my previous post about burlap, I said I had a little trick up my sleeve...
Don't you dispize those hollow core doors that any of us that own a home build between 1950-1980 are blessed with..yuk. The plus side is they are like an empty canvas just waiting to be spruced up with trim, paint & Oh yes..BURLAP.
What you'll need:
Black chalkboard paint
2 yards of burlap in the camel color
small foam brush
staple gun
finish nails

First we measured about 5 inches from the top and bottom & sides to avoid the molding we were adding from interfering with the door knob. We made a small pencil mark on all sides and then connected the marks using a level to draw a line across and down making 2 even rectangles that sit right on top of each other.
I used the same measurement plus an inch all around because you want the trim to "sit" on top of the burlap. Staple in place pulling it taught as you go down one side. Remember the trim is going to cover the staples so stay in line with your measurements.

With a miter saw make your cuts and nail in making sure to cover the staples and securing the burlap.

Paint the whole thing white and after it dried I decided to add a little chalkboard touch on the bottom insert. Rumps will love to write on it & it's the perfect height for a little munchkin;)

I love it! Very functional as it is in my office/guest room and the burlap is great to display your family photos or some decorating inspiration..hint,hint!
Enjoy your day!!-Sage mommy


Kelly B said...

That is too cute!! That might just work for the door in my kitchen leading to the garage. It might keep little ones out from under my feet so much...!! :)

Sage Mommy said...

LOL, yeah, it keeps my little guy occupied for about 2 minutes...then off to the next thing.