Apr 4, 2009

Adorable Seed Packets

I don't know if you have ever ventured over to a great lil blog called modishblog.com . She is a graphic designer with great taste in pattern. She posted these FREE custom seed packets...the instructions are posted on her site if you can't figure it out.

Here is the template for the GREEN and the AQUA.

I thought it would be nice to buy store bought seeds and then transfer them to these pretty packets. I'm doing a green grow kit all inside a recycled planter (found at Target for $1 each) instead of the traditional Easter basket.

My theme is butterfly garden so I'm going to add a cute handmade garden accent (maybe a plant marker with a message on it) along with seeds and a pot.

Easter is a sad time for my hubs since it will be 2 years this year that he lost his mom to cancer. I wanted to do something special but am not sure what would make him feel connected.

If anyone has a similar experience or idea please share.
I'm at a loss when it comes to this kind of thing. Thanks.

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