Mar 13, 2009

Dreams of a Proper High Tea

Newport Beach Hotels & Suites room pic from better look like this!
I did it..booked, paid & done. I am soooo excited to be getting away. It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Connecticut. The weather in May will be just right for a nice stroll while sippin coffee and touring the mansions of Newport. So siked.
Ever since I was a little girl my brother's and sisters have all gotten a giggle of the talk from my mother always saying it was time for a high tea. Of course her high tea consisted of a cup of chamomille and 1 sandwich which she ate for 2 hours...she eats like a bird. I'm now 33 and found my mom becoming one of my closest friends. We had rough beginnings but everything I love right down to cooking & decorating came directly from her influences. Growing up in an ever changing decor of everything from leopard chaise lounges to spode china, being allowed to paint my room whenever my heart desired and at times encouraged to do it when most moms would flip. These things led me here.
I am so glad to be blessed with such a creative & thrifty chic mommy.
When I saw this hotel and heard of all the famous places in Newport, Rhode Island to have world class high tea, I knew it would be a great weekend trip for me, will & baby rumps. We have never been away together and I know we need it. I asked my mom and youngest sister nonnie to join of course with the mission of High Tea. Anyone know what is the best? I also need to know where the most delicious cup of coffee is...very important for my sanity;)


Rosemary said...

Looks like a fabulous place for high tea!
Love the recipe you posted for marmalade, will be trying it.
Great photos on front doors ..........

sage mommy said...

Thanks, the marmalade was a little labor intensive but so good. I can't wait to getaway. feel like acrazy person these days..i need the cold connecticut winter to be done;))