Feb 13, 2009

Great Wines with Crazy Labels

With wine makers trying everything to get us to pick up thier bottle, the era of crazy & crazyier wine labels is in full effect. Even though it can put a "REAL" wine drinker off...these wines below are worth a taste.

The 2006 Sauvignon Blanc from (oops) is a great chose. The (oops) line of wines is from Chile and the name refers to the fact that the red carmenère grape was thought to be merlot until the mid-1990s when a viticulturist discovered the mistake. Fast-forward a dozen years and a new wine brand was born.

2005 California Red from Joe Blow Wine Cellars is sweet, a little tart with hints of blackberry and currant. Worth popping the cork.

Another bottle to catch my eye comes from Spain–it’s the Baud-designed Lazarus Wine, with its packaging done entirely in Braille. Another great piece of work that would have my cash if I walked by it on a rack, no questions asked.

My last candidate isn’t a bottle design at all, but rather these custom wine tags from popptags. They’re funny, honest, and letterpressed on recycled paper. There are tons of well-written, witty cards out there now, but these are both seriously funny and beautiful to look at

2007 Ménage à Trois Red
PRICE - $12
Even if red wine is not your speed, give our Ménage à Trois Red a try. Three saucy grapes make up the blend. Zinfandel adds a juicy character, Merlot mellows and Cabernet adds backbone. The name alone is enough to sell most men...lol.
Go buy a crazy bottle of wine for Valentine's Day this year...I will.

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