May 6, 2008

UMMM What Can I Chalkboard Next?

I just finished covering my boring white fridge with chalkboard paint. I apsolutlely love it. Here are the steps I used boyfriend tells me it's all in the prep work so take your time;)

1. Sand down the doors of the fridge with some high grit paper to get the shine off. No need to go crazy just a once over will do.

2. Tape off the doors with painters tape, maybe even remove handles and replace with something new & modern.

3. Clean fridge doors and apply Rustoluem "rusty metal primer" 2 coats should be good.

4. Use rustoluem chalkboard paint, it can be tinted 14 different colors! I chose the grey color and had them add alot of black at the paint counter.

ENJOY! A brand new fridge for $30 without your old one ending up in a landfill somewhere.

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