Apr 2, 2012

{Tutorial} Easter Candy Topiary

I love topiaries, I think that they are an elegant touch to any table scape. I make them for almost every holiday.  Since I have been asked on many occasions for an instructional of my candy topiaries, I thought I would share it with you:

Some kind of container; pot, watering can, vase) with well fitted foam base
round foam ball in desired size (I used a 4")
dowel (I used a chopstick, but have used a thick candy cane, a twig...get creative)
tissue (wrapping kind works great)
candy of choice
glue gun

Be sure that the foam is secure inside the container that you are using as the base of your topiary.  Place the dowel into the foam ball securing with a bit of hot glue. Center the dowel into the base foam, securing with hot glue.

Start by gluing the candy onto the squares of tissue, it only requires a dot of glue.  Once you have all the candy glued onto the tissue, start gluing each piece onto the foam ball. Continue doing this until the ball has been filled.

Finish by embellishing the base of your topiary with ribbon and grass filler, moss or whatever you have on hand.

These are a great addition to any dessert table or used as a centerpiece! Here are some ones I found while browsing that are great inspiration once you have the basics I gave you down....now get crafty girls!

I hope these wonderful pics inspire someone to get out of their comfort zone and try one of these projects. They look so good added to a candy buffet or buy candy to match a certain theme.

God Bless, Sage Mommy aka Melissa

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